Welcome to Wellness Advocates

It brings me great pleasure to announce our grand opening.

We are a team of two very passionate moms that have been in #health and #wellness arena for a long time, over 40 years collectively. My name is Gabriella and my business partner is Olga. We met about 11 years ago when I was asked to go to a fitness class at my local YMCA. Olga was the instructor and after class were introduced by a mutual friend and hit it off from the moment we started to talk...about food of course! Our food principles aligned, we were enamored by real food, natural living, highest quality supplements, raising kids to not be afraid to get dirty because we knew long ago, that there was this brain/gut connection thing and that all healing or disease began in the gut.

Over the years our Saturday morning runs turned into long focused walks, it didn't matter if it was 99 degrees or 13 degrees we talked endlessly about family, eating animals raised with highest standards, without antibiotics or growth hormones. We wanted our chickens free range before anyone knew what free range really meant. We would have a lot of laughs, exchange ideas and recipes and soon our passion ensued.

In fact, Olga would tell my husband and mother "Gabriella and I are going to be in business together, she just doesn't know it yet!" At the time we both had young families and worked full time, I was an Executive at Whole Foods Market with 2 babies and later-on a 3rd followed and Olga was putting herself through Masters Degree, working full time as Director of Wellness at the YMCA and a mother of 4. Needless to say we thought about different ways we could go into business with each other but timing was never quite right.

Today, the stars are aligned, our families are a bit older, jobs have come and gone certificates, training and degrees are now behind us; we are excited, focused and ready to follow our dream of equipping you with the tried and true tools that nature has already provided to help you nourish, heal and live disease free.

Come follow us on @wellnessadvocates and #instagram and do visit often as we post educational blogs, post recipes, fitness tips and for the next 30 days receive 15% off MSRP and free shipping on your pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements through our dispensary (they get drop shipped directly to your address!).

Thanks for the support and we hope to help you, your friends and family live a long happy nourished life.


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